Architects - "Meteor"

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"Meteor" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available now
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Director - Jeb Hardwick
Post Production Studio - Umbrella
Head of Animation & Art Director - Péter Bátory
Post Producer - Máté Barbalics
Story by Dan Searle and Jeb Hardwick
Sam Carter - Vocals
Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
Adam Christianson - Guitars

Written and performed by Architects
Lyrics by Dan Searle
Produced by Dan Searle
Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
Additional Production by Pete Miles
Mixed by Zakk Cervini
Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
This should be heavenly, heavenly
Is there no remedy, remedy
‘Cause I’ve been baring blunt teeth
I’m breathing heavily, heavily
I see a legacy, legacy that’s sinking
Oh, it beggars belief

I’m standing beneath the meteor
Disaster’s breaking down my door
I should be moving mountains
The arrow buckles in the bow
They said it’s time to go to war
Yeah, I’ve heard it all before
I should be moving mountains
But I’m like fire in the snow

Bathing in gasoline, gasoline
Living in quarantine, quarantine
It’s colder in the furnace
Nobodies evergreen, evergreen
Stare at the murder scene, murder scene and focus
On nothing but the surface

Another God on the radio
Says we’re stuck in a tailspin
The pilots have vertigo
They’re lost in the undertow
The arrow buckles in the bow

They said we pushed the last domino before the apocalypse
We’ve all got a stone to throw
Why? I will never know
Yeah, we’re like fire in the, a fire in the snow

But I’m like fire in the, a fire in the snow
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Facebook: architectsuk
Twitter: architectsuk
Instagram: architects
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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  1. Mute Drums Daddy!!
    Mute Drums Daddy!!
    9 минут назад

    Behind every Architects song i hear a faint ... “YOU CAN’T STOP ME FROM GIVING A FUCK!!!”

  2. Alexander Morozov
    Alexander Morozov
    Час назад

    The people/human behind this video deserve an Oscar and the rest of the awards. This is a masterpiece. The lever of creativity and skill behind this video is absolutely mind-blowing. It's unlike anything I have ever seen. I have watched this video multiple times and I keep finding more things that I am amazed with. The song is obviously great as well, like everything that the Architects made before. I LOVE the new album. Thank you boys for sticking around and for bringing so much joy to our miserable lives.

  3. Te Fir Rorist
    Te Fir Rorist
    Час назад

    To / Die / For

  4. Rajesh nagarajan
    Rajesh nagarajan
    Час назад

    Raised Amazingly ⚡🎵🎶

  5. Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis
    3 часа назад

    I can dig it.

  6. Fernando Marroquin
    Fernando Marroquin
    6 часов назад

    When The Black Dahlia Murder is still making music on the level of their first few albums and Architects is making... whatever this is... you know you have a problem... anything can and will evolve but remember for every caterpillar that becomes a butterfly a maggot becomes a fly addicted to shit... all evolution is not necessarily good evolution lol

  7. peetro vsky
    peetro vsky
    7 часов назад

    Holy shit what music genre is this? Is it alternative rock, hard rock? Animals, Dead Butterflies and Meteor are perfect, on the other hand Black Lungs is too heavy for me. Greetings from Poland, waiting for more.

  8. Ean Line
    Ean Line
    8 часов назад

    This sounds like 3 days grace when they tried to be edgy with the album wirh the song “animal I have become”on it

  9. Николас Фламэо
    Николас Фламэо
    9 часов назад

    cool SONG!!!!!GREAT

  10. Dave England
    Dave England
    10 часов назад

    Linkin Park clone for sure.

    1. Sebastian Pacheco
      Sebastian Pacheco
      2 часа назад

      I think BMTH is the Linkin Park clone...

  11. Mark The Dark
    Mark The Dark
    10 часов назад


  12. Dr Nisu Unn
    Dr Nisu Unn
    10 часов назад

    sounds much more mainstream since the last time I listened to this band

  13. Bucko Z33
    Bucko Z33
    11 часов назад

    Yeah yeah we get it you guys are superstitious and Death and despair yada yada yada.

  14. Glenn Brennan
    Glenn Brennan
    12 часов назад

    I like this, we’re completely desensitised to world around us and should be doing everything to save it, instead we’re helpless to do anything

  15. JustAnotherStar1990
    12 часов назад

    love the video! good job guys!

  16. Zachary O'Dell
    Zachary O'Dell
    13 часов назад

    These guys are about to become huge just wait! Tom would be proud.

  17. deusz
    14 часов назад

    the worst track architects have ever made, along with "little wonder". the other tracks on the album are really good. it's a shame they chose this awful song for a music video.

  18. DtnName
    15 часов назад

    Chelyabinsk be like :

  19. Nolan Kuffner
    Nolan Kuffner
    16 часов назад

    In the context of the record, this was such a smart song. In the band's catalog, it's borderline offensive. And if you're looking to lose some teeth, An Ordinary Extinction and Discourse is Dead are fucking barbed wire baseball bats.

  20. AnthonyTechReviews
    18 часов назад

    Linkin Park Vibe

  21. Simon Van Riel
    Simon Van Riel
    19 часов назад

    "The arrow buckles in the bow" and "Nobody's evergreen" are really speaking to me rn

  22. KO '
    KO '
    20 часов назад


  23. Timmy de Man
    Timmy de Man
    20 часов назад

    And this was the moment the last piece of Architects' sound died.

  24. Karl Martell
    Karl Martell
    20 часов назад

    their new songs sound all alike

  25. LightSkinNinja
    22 часа назад

    The message behind this song and even this album is so eye opening. Turning a blind eye to the apocalypse that looms over the horizon just because we want to chase a high. It’s like architects finally have had it with people not grasping the warnings they put into their music and this album feels like they are saying “the apocalypse has finally come no choice now but to embrace it”.

  26. Mark Spitze
    Mark Spitze
    23 часа назад

    The Meteor hast crushed from china

    День назад


  28. Tim Killian
    Tim Killian
    День назад

    Hypocrites. Sellouts. They have become radio-rock. Lyrically, their last few albums are the same... “Theology bad, we’re all in this together, f**k” This is by far the worst song I’ve heard from this band. On the bright side, maybe they can get on one of those “Now that’s what I call music” CD’s 🤣

  29. Kyle Owen
    Kyle Owen
    День назад


  30. Austin Carlile
    Austin Carlile
    День назад

    Its BMTH?

  31. Ein_Ticket_Zur_Milchstrasse
    День назад

    Epic !!!

  32. Brandon
    День назад

    always knew Sam and the boys had it in them to do some killer music like this! stoked in theor new direction. their music always means so much

  33. Tommy W
    Tommy W
    День назад


  34. dcfishin
    День назад

    I hope they can get a chance to do live shows this year. I’d really dig to see them live.

  35. Mimi x
    Mimi x
    День назад

    3:25> 3:39 very interesting

  36. Nomad624
    День назад

    Yes, my favorite architects track released recently.

  37. seasoakedperversion
    День назад

    are they trying to get on the top 40 or something these days? okay. i want money too i don’t blame them

  38. CAREorDIE
    День назад


  39. alexandros mitakos
    alexandros mitakos
    День назад

    I'm so bored of musicians using quarantine to make songs, so facking boring, we need old architects back!!!!

  40. Jan Matyáš
    Jan Matyáš
    День назад

    Is this a Valheim dlc

  41. Devin Markovich
    Devin Markovich
    День назад

    This song.... wow. This album is going to be a masterpiece. Every time I hear your guys's music, all the hairs on my arms stand up. The vocals and guitar work are my favorite. Also this video...... each and every day feels the same. Very monotonous, as Sam said in 'Animals'. Please never stop. You guys are the main reason a lot of people are still alive....

  42. OSIRISTh
    День назад


  43. Abaris Hyperborean
    Abaris Hyperborean
    День назад


  44. s l
    s l
    День назад

    Well! they went mainstream. such a shame,

  45. Soheil Ostadmohammad
    Soheil Ostadmohammad
    День назад

    very nice

  46. Emanuel De miranda
    Emanuel De miranda
    День назад

    Argentina ✌🎶🇦🇷🎶✌

  47. gabbriel hetnan
    gabbriel hetnan
    День назад

    bring me the horizon :(

  48. Andy Rainbow
    Andy Rainbow
    День назад

    Me: *comes out as trans* My friend: ooooooh you're my sweet soft boiiiii Me: *listening to this* Oh, really?

  49. Mark Jones
    Mark Jones
    День назад

    People.bitching about the change in sound as if they haven't made softer songs/had soft elements on every album for 10+ years. Their bandmate died ffs, trauma changes you. Get on board or **** off you whiners

  50. Dylan Nap
    Dylan Nap
    День назад

    Ahh yes the Parkway Drive formula...

  51. UnknownGamer
    День назад

    I heard this song when it came out but why all of a sudden is the drum beat messing with my head.

  52. Dino Boy27
    Dino Boy27
    День назад

    Amazing video architects you guys are awesome can’t FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO EXIST

  53. Joy Satterwhite
    Joy Satterwhite
    День назад

    Majestic ✨

  54. torcm555
    День назад

    This song like Ost. of some anime/game

  55. This Digital Spoiler
    This Digital Spoiler
    День назад

    *One of the best songs, hands down. Gives me Linkin Park feelings, I could almost hear Chester singing the chorus. Loving the Nu-Metal direction they went with.*

  56. xRudesnakex xrudx
    xRudesnakex xrudx
    День назад

    Waiting for the coment with the lyrics to Sing along

  57. James Dickerson
    James Dickerson
    День назад

    This is trash

  58. Thomas Baron
    Thomas Baron
    День назад

    Check out my guitar cover of this on my channel and let me know what to cover next! Also got some Wage War coming soon

  59. A Person
    A Person
    День назад

    Music video is INSANE

  60. NeroCremisi Extreme Metal Singer
    NeroCremisi Extreme Metal Singer
    День назад

    This video is something ... Wow... Wow and Amazing! I have no words to describe it. Good job. Very much appreciated A good concept for a good song And I think the choice of this type of video goes perfectly with the theme of the song. Great

  61. Quazetiq
    День назад

    Meteor originally really disappointed me. After a few more listens, this songs actually pretty bomb, the drum work is very good and the actual progression sounds really nice. I believe my original disinterest in this song came purely as a result of it not being a traditionally "Architects" song. Now, I see this song as a nod to the effect the death of Tom had on the band. Personally, I look forward very much to listening to the rest of the songs in FTTWTE tomorrow.

  62. Nick's Collectible Creations
    Nick's Collectible Creations
    День назад

    There was a time when videos like this won awards.

  63. KeepEmCommin
    День назад

    Sorry but absolutely sub par and boring

  64. KeepEmCommin
    День назад

    Please say this is going back to better music like last album...

    1. KeepEmCommin
      День назад

      Can confirm... It is not. Sorry but this belongs on bmth new album lol it's just shit

  65. Euthanation band
    Euthanation band
    День назад

  66. sub 2 pewd now
    sub 2 pewd now
    День назад

    underrated song

  67. Sam I am
    Sam I am
    День назад

    My whole body felt a wave of excitement that started in my chest and spread all the way to my toes when I read "Architects - Meteor."

  68. Zackery Underhill
    Zackery Underhill
    День назад

    Idk if anyone has said anything but that main riff reminds me of Nemo by Nightwish

  69. トビウオ
    2 дня назад

    3:17 goosebumps.

  70. dimensional 95
    dimensional 95
    2 дня назад

    Architects had such perfect opportunity to make a album with all this shite going on. Honestly these guys are gunna blow up when this new album drops. Honestly this will be a rank of it's own !

  71. Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson
    2 дня назад

    Lmao..went from this: Seven billion hungry ghosts Just a parasite killing its host The emperor wears no clothes, I see those brittle bones But we're buried by modern misery To this: I should be moving mountains But I'm like fire in thе snow Bathing in gasoline, gasoline Living in quarantine, quarantinе This album was not written for current fans of Architects.

    1. Bucko Z33
      Bucko Z33
      7 часов назад

      It’s a sellout track it’s pandering to box set thumping Cynicultists who worship Rick Sanchez. From Rick and Morty. And love the Ideah of being miserable so much they’ve converted it to a religion, and well Believe anything cynical even when each alleged “fact“ contradicts each other.

  72. Yutsi Aion
    Yutsi Aion
    2 дня назад


  73. Cédric Vacelet
    Cédric Vacelet
    2 дня назад

    Pour le refrain, j’ai l’impression d’entendre Chester... 🙏🏻😭

  74. Xavier Wells
    Xavier Wells
    2 дня назад

    Two more days🤘🏾

  75. David Haselnuss
    David Haselnuss
    2 дня назад

    Don't care about the complaining people. I just want to say THANK YOU guys from the bottom of my heart. Always here for you guys, just like you when I feel hopeless.❤

  76. Austin Mullis
    Austin Mullis
    2 дня назад

    How can a person have a family, a job, bills, go to school, run a business, be there for those close to them, run errands, pay their taxes, clean their house, take care of themselves and try to stay healthy or at least alive, deal with their own emotional issues, and have a minute to sit down and just breathe once in a while and then find the time and energy to care about the state of the human race and its betterment, survival, and evolution toward a better way of living for us all? A way that doesn't kill the planet and drown us in so much stress and suffering. I get it, and this is why true change does not occur. We experience this life as separate entities with separate beliefs and problems of our own to deal with. We do not wake up in the morning and say "I am the human race." We do not see strangers on the street and think "we are one in the same." We are all one man or one woman experiencing life alone, because how could we possibly see through each other's eyes? We cannot lift the veil and realize we are a collective, because the collective does not experience my problems like I do.

  77. Solidsaw
    2 дня назад


  78. J T
    J T
    2 дня назад


  79. Na Pf
    Na Pf
    2 дня назад

    soft washed pop metal. it's a shame that so many bands are doing that at the moment. Once they were good. I remember something like "Gravity" and "Gravedigger"

  80. Laura At
    Laura At
    2 дня назад

    This video is amazing!

  81. Ryan
    2 дня назад


  82. David Welker
    David Welker
    2 дня назад

    The song was already amazing but the music video is absolutely 🔥🔥🔥

  83. Tylor
    2 дня назад

    I can't wait for Friday!

  84. Theo Pinson
    Theo Pinson
    2 дня назад

    Decent song. Needs more blerg though.

  85. TheGrumpyAcab
    2 дня назад

    Well, i think they are targetting new group of listeners. Listeners with a simple orgasm-bud. With easy listening chorus, easy riff, easy drumline, it sound more radio friendly.

  86. TheGrumpyAcab
    2 дня назад

    Im here before 1 million views, 206k to be exact!

  87. Kirby Burkholder
    Kirby Burkholder
    2 дня назад

    such a shame that when a band gets popular they feel the need to change their musical style.. this is not architects...

    1. Simon Van Riel
      Simon Van Riel
      19 часов назад

      Tbh I think it's more physiological. Screaming day in and day out takes a toll. BMTH went softer for a time and I think they're heavier now because Oli's voice recovered. Not that I mind either way

  88. Thras Stefan
    Thras Stefan
    2 дня назад

    Amazing video, super generic sound. This album slowly seems like it will let me down. Still love them tho

  89. Yiğit Ahmet Kara
    Yiğit Ahmet Kara
    2 дня назад

    This is not a video. This is a masterpiece.

  90. Gonzalo Navarro
    Gonzalo Navarro
    2 дня назад

    Not gonna lie, i'm not a fan of this style. I miss the crazy riffs and the brutal vocals from Holy Hell

    1. Sarcasm
      2 дня назад

      then listen to their older music, it has plenty of that.

  91. Floralux
    2 дня назад

    Ok yeah this song hits different with the music video to go with it.

  92. Derek M
    Derek M
    2 дня назад

    Wow, this is another great tune.. can't wait for you guys to be able to tour

  93. blink7777777
    2 дня назад

    sleeping w sirens

  94. Mark
    2 дня назад

    What a great video.

  95. Никто Никакой
    Никто Никакой
    2 дня назад

    softer and softer

  96. Montana
    2 дня назад

    Bring me the Architect

  97. Josiah Gill
    Josiah Gill
    2 дня назад

    “I should be moving mountains, but I’m like fire in the snow”

    1. Mark Spitze
      Mark Spitze
      23 часа назад

      Music is no solution

  98. Yuchen Christian Sun
    Yuchen Christian Sun
    2 дня назад


  99. Louis Delannoy
    Louis Delannoy
    2 дня назад


  100. Henry14arsenal2007
    2 дня назад

    Linkin Park is back.