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DP Lightsaber action is BACK! Brand new segment, plus all your OT favs! Thanks Lords Mobile for sponsoring this video! Download to win BIG prizes here: igg.com/event/dudeperfect $50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY, AUTOGRAPHED BASKETBALLS and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime24
Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:54
Fight Scene: 07:37
Halftime: 12:11
Judge Dudy: 13:20
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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  1. Shayan Khan
    Shayan Khan
    5 часов назад

    i want the nerf signutare dude perfect bow and arrow but its to expensive i wish i had one

  2. Shayan Khan
    Shayan Khan
    5 часов назад

    my favorites are the arrow trick shots

  3. Oscar stenfors
    Oscar stenfors
    6 часов назад

    So is this canon or legends oh I know its dude perfect.

  4. TechNeTium43
    6 часов назад

    3:28 Alarak

  5. Miles Morris
    Miles Morris
    6 часов назад

    You guys need to do more of these dude wars!!!!

  6. Basketball99 Thur
    Basketball99 Thur
    6 часов назад

    Tyler throws his red button at Garret and can’t change it to green but both he and Cody change theirs with the karaoke machine.

  7. Matt Lord
    Matt Lord
    7 часов назад

    4:04 Deigned , manufactured and made available for all drivers of the Tesla Cybertruck

  8. AryaAC
    7 часов назад

    I finished the syrup too

  9. Dario Basch
    Dario Basch
    8 часов назад

    hula hoop competition please, like, who agrees

  10. Dario Basch
    Dario Basch
    8 часов назад

    more overtime please

  11. Jack Lewellen
    Jack Lewellen
    8 часов назад

    I know you haven’t done it yet but you guys should try to do corn-hole trick shots

  12. Phoebe Buchanan
    Phoebe Buchanan
    8 часов назад

    You need to do a whole series of dude wars. :)

  13. Number seven
    Number seven
    9 часов назад

    These men are gem seriously..!!

  14. niduoe stre
    niduoe stre
    10 часов назад

    Dude wars: the last dude

  15. Ricardo Rens
    Ricardo Rens
    10 часов назад

    School stereotypes?

    11 часов назад

    Can you guys do a ultimate trick shoots

  17. Ian southall
    Ian southall
    11 часов назад

    Seriously GREAT editing for the fight scene. My hat is taken off to you all. Well Done!

  18. nikos makridakhs
    nikos makridakhs
    11 часов назад

    I would actually buy sniff relief thingy

    1. niduoe stre
      niduoe stre
      10 часов назад

      Yall should do a avatar fight scene

  19. イムス
    11 часов назад


  20. Haider Playz
    Haider Playz
    11 часов назад

    pls do more fight scene

  21. Ya Boi Jamazy
    Ya Boi Jamazy
    12 часов назад

    I also want school stereotypes

  22. Ya Boi Jamazy
    Ya Boi Jamazy
    12 часов назад

    Do ping pong trick shots 6

  23. rhtamin
    12 часов назад

    The cube to the corner 😎😎😎😎😎

  24. e
    13 часов назад

    It's been like a years now since I watch you guys I'm so surprised this channel is still active and got millions of views. Love you guys :3

  25. Mustacheboi Programs
    Mustacheboi Programs
    13 часов назад

    day 1: rocket challenge 3

  26. climax
    13 часов назад

    dude that editing was on point and it was interesting too/ best light saber related thing ive ever seen

  27. Daniel's Animation
    Daniel's Animation
    14 часов назад

    Tyler: voice box, its a cool secment, i feel likes thats nor the last time we see it That aged well

  28. Jessie Garcia
    Jessie Garcia
    14 часов назад

    I really like get crafty in ot

  29. маша Белая
    маша Белая
    14 часов назад


    15 часов назад

    Hey dp.. I got a new task for wheel unfortunate... Get 20 eggs and 20 tomatoes splashed on your face

  31. DucksAreCute
    15 часов назад

    blue waffle 😤😤😤😏😏😏

  32. BlackOut Plays
    BlackOut Plays
    16 часов назад

    Yall should do a avatar fight scene

  33. Mariana Pesqueira
    Mariana Pesqueira
    17 часов назад

    If those are real light savers epic you can't jump that high

    17 часов назад

    From India?

  35. Kevin Garnett Toralde
    Kevin Garnett Toralde
    17 часов назад

    That white dude is so unlucky 😂

  36. Roby Walker
    Roby Walker
    17 часов назад

    In learning about RUlife every day,There's chapters!?!?!

  37. Maximus Moore
    Maximus Moore
    17 часов назад

    Morrow is my birthday I’m turning 11

  38. ChiLL PiLL
    ChiLL PiLL
    18 часов назад

    I think that stormtrooper would be dead already XD

  39. Cooper Deitch
    Cooper Deitch
    18 часов назад

    I like how no one is talking about how Tyler just rocketed the button at Garrett and broke his GLASS face shield

  40. Muhammad Sherazi
    Muhammad Sherazi
    18 часов назад

    the look on chads face on 21:54

  41. Cooper Deitch
    Cooper Deitch
    18 часов назад

    Add banana sprite challenge to the wheel that would be funny to watch (it makes you puke a lot)

  42. Rhea Douma
    Rhea Douma
    18 часов назад

    I say they pick out of the trash can in Cody’s office!!

  43. Sherilyn Benner
    Sherilyn Benner
    18 часов назад


  44. Big E Animates
    Big E Animates
    18 часов назад

    Says there fighting for no reason, uh no sir no one eats Vader’s egos and just leaves the box to empty

  45. Micah Slysz
    Micah Slysz
    19 часов назад

    The Dudes have to make an airplane stereotype video

  46. Kyle McCann
    Kyle McCann
    19 часов назад

    I Feel Bad For The Rolly Poley

  47. Viper_Jbone19
    19 часов назад

    Keep the seats

  48. Sarah Blamires
    Sarah Blamires
    20 часов назад

    Post more videos

  49. El Borrado CTZ
    El Borrado CTZ
    20 часов назад

    When is OT 25 coming!?!? 🤩

  50. Chase Greenspan
    Chase Greenspan
    20 часов назад

    when dude perfect makes a lightsaber scene better that all the sequels

  51. Graham Kilpela
    Graham Kilpela
    20 часов назад

    Actually used to have that jellyfish lamp

  52. dixxx
    20 часов назад


  53. MaulFan3432
    20 часов назад

    The Star Wars segment was better than all the sequels combined

  54. Jen Horner
    Jen Horner
    20 часов назад


  55. Giuseppe Calabrese
    Giuseppe Calabrese
    20 часов назад

    Max overtime Tyler Cody Kobe and Garrett put only Corey on wheel unfortunate

  56. Jen Horner
    Jen Horner
    20 часов назад

    I love FIGHT SCENE

  57. Linda C
    Linda C
    21 час назад

    Garrets mask looks like among us

  58. Jaxon Boling
    Jaxon Boling
    21 час назад

    Never mind

  59. Jaxon Boling
    Jaxon Boling
    21 час назад

    Jedi always win

  60. Michael Ridler
    Michael Ridler
    21 час назад

    Did anybody else see cody at the bottom of the judge dudy section

  61. Master Yoda
    Master Yoda
    21 час назад

    Heating sinus/blanket thing -> StarWars -> Sullustian Pilots -> *evil grin*

  62. Cobra
    21 час назад

    Suggestion for a new video: Amusement park stereotypes. That would be an amazing video

  63. Hollis Huff
    Hollis Huff
    21 час назад

    Better choreography than the sequels

  64. The everything channel
    The everything channel
    21 час назад

    You should do a gaming stereotype

  65. ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    22 часа назад

    Rewind 2020 dude perfect new video

  66. Jayme Markarian
    Jayme Markarian
    22 часа назад


  67. Jayme Markarian
    Jayme Markarian
    22 часа назад


  68. Christina Shields (BV)
    Christina Shields (BV)
    22 часа назад

    i love brooks holt

  69. Mango Play Music
    Mango Play Music
    22 часа назад

    The fight scene should be renamed "Make the editors work for their money" scene.

  70. ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    22 часа назад

    Никите сбрили брови зу сбрили брови

  71. Deep Music
    Deep Music
    22 часа назад

    "Hey, did Vader's waffles get eaten?"

  72. ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    22 часа назад

    Его зовут Никита

  73. ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    22 часа назад


  74. ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    22 часа назад

    Назови свой канал Магик файв

    22 часа назад

    Fight scene should be called “Make the editors earn their pay” scene

    1. Eskon
      14 часов назад


    2. Claire W
      Claire W
      17 часов назад

      What an ORIGINAL comment

  76. ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    ааоои жопьвлтытатжопчище
    22 часа назад

    Хорошо показываете фокусы Ду бабушка

  77. Steven Tedjamulia
    Steven Tedjamulia
    23 часа назад


  78. Steven Tedjamulia
    Steven Tedjamulia
    23 часа назад

    make a fight scene with harry potter wands

  79. Lawton Bingham
    Lawton Bingham
    23 часа назад

    Praise Jesus and I hope Jesus fills your guy's hearts with his holy spirit

  80. Date mike
    Date mike
    23 часа назад

    The fight scene was better than most in the sequal trilogy

  81. Aiden Donahoe
    Aiden Donahoe
    23 часа назад

    I love your RUlife channel it is amazing can you do another OT please

  82. Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget
    23 часа назад

    Can we have school stereotypes?

  83. Deana Schrimsher
    Deana Schrimsher
    23 часа назад

    Hey do y'all like Marvel? If so you NEED to do a fight scene like that!

  84. Porg 2.0
    Porg 2.0
    23 часа назад

    fight scene was better than the force awakens the last Jedi and the rise of skywalker combined

  85. nic muir
    nic muir
    23 часа назад

    i’m still surprised how they get over 10mil views on every one of their videos

    День назад

    nice viking hat Cody (1:19)

  87. Chita60
    День назад

    Soy fan desde el 2017 son brutales 👍👍👍😁😁

  88. Aaron Pulley
    Aaron Pulley
    День назад

    I love your channel that was the best I watched every single starwars

  89. Duncan Hess
    Duncan Hess
    День назад

    i like all the overtimes 1-24!!!!!

  90. _leahjoykane
    День назад

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate fight scene. Like the editing and work and acting was on point👌🏽 I finished the syrup too. You might not get it but if ya know ya know

  91. Julian Dengler
    Julian Dengler
    День назад

    i wish i was friends with them

  92. G H
    G H
    День назад

    2160p 👁👅👁

  93. Daily J Myers
    Daily J Myers
    День назад

    This channel now sucks. It’s kinda Boaring I miss trick shots

    1. _leahjoykane
      День назад

      @Daily J Myers I’m not the one being rude. You’re the one who said their channel sucks.

    2. Daily J Myers
      Daily J Myers
      День назад

      You don’t have to be rude about it

  94. Ray Mc
    Ray Mc
    День назад

    Editor is a amazing person they must get a raise

  95. Harrison Coffman
    Harrison Coffman
    День назад


  96. Danny Lieberman
    Danny Lieberman
    День назад

    when dude perfect makes a better lightsaber fight then the sequels

  97. Aslanbek Ismailov
    Aslanbek Ismailov
    День назад

    Hello, my name is Aslan.I am from Russia I have 25 years. I need your help. I want to buy a big house for my grandmother, but I don’t have enough money.I worked as a ship barman on a steamer on a tanker, but the company will no longer be steamers and so far I am out of work.I do not know what to do, I really hope that I understand that you need porridge is unlikely to even read my message.Or if you can suggest I work I would be glad to work but I have very bad English.

  98. Trung Cyf
    Trung Cyf
    День назад


  99. MaTUZ
    День назад

    hello everyone a few days ago I published my first video on yt, I invite you to watch and leave something behind. best regards and have a nice day: D

  100. Sarit Vatsal
    Sarit Vatsal
    День назад

    why Tyler behave like he is the Boss