Moscow RG Grand Prix 2021, 19 feb

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  1. m914
    10 дней назад

    Does anyone know the music for the group Russian ball dance?

  2. m914
    14 дней назад

    Anna Popova is incredible!

  3. Айгуль Кошкарбаева
    Айгуль Кошкарбаева
    14 дней назад


  4. Lyudmila Poretskaya
    Lyudmila Poretskaya
    14 дней назад

    Смотрю на зрителей и удивляюсь Почему не аплодируют девчонки они такие же как вы и хотят ваших аплодисментов !!!

  5. Оля Мурашка
    Оля Мурашка
    14 дней назад

    awww I'm in love with that girl 8:59:50 she is like a sunshine)

    1. Carolina Garcia
      Carolina Garcia
      14 дней назад

      She is 15 years old but looks like 11... omg....

  6. Kelsey Parks
    Kelsey Parks
    14 дней назад

    The dances start at 11:05 :)

  7. GoldForAnna
    14 дней назад

    In France we need help from Russia!!!!

    1. GoldForAnna
      4 дня назад

      @Yazosh Prajmineva It is obvious that you and I are not informed by the same way.

    2. Yazosh Prajmineva
      Yazosh Prajmineva
      5 дней назад

      You need help from a doctor first

  8. singing salmon
    singing salmon
    14 дней назад


    1. D dubbs
      D dubbs
      14 дней назад

      Your favorite ?

  9. Elena Dzhalalova
    Elena Dzhalalova
    14 дней назад

    Спасибо что сохранили видео, круто!!!

  10. D dubbs
    D dubbs
    14 дней назад

    4:59:19 5:30:30 5:46:56 6:02:08 6:14:08 6:29:35

  11. Nightingale Nightingale
    Nightingale Nightingale
    14 дней назад

    Спасибо, что сохранили эфир 💕💕💕👏👏👏

  12. Samantha Mathews
    Samantha Mathews
    14 дней назад

    If you want to continue discussing RG ask to join the FB group called “RG Discussions!” I’m excited for this group since I don’t have many people who are as passionate about this sport as I am IRL❤️ Thanks for posting RGRussia!

    1. Nefretiri T
      Nefretiri T
      12 дней назад

      That sounds great! I may join FB just to join this group! I love watching rhythmic gymnastics but I have no idea how to judge the sport or anything.

  13. Augustina
    14 дней назад

    ~a wonderful first day of competition!👍 The Moscow Grand Prix/Alina Kabaeva Cup is my favourite of all the RG tournaments, thank you, RGymRussia for bringing it to us!❤