The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack: Official Reveal Trailer

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A haunting new pack is crossing over to our realm: The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack* is available on January 26! Get the first details here:
Spectral guests cause mischief and mayhem on Haunted House Lots, leaving behind accursed objects and scaring innocent Sims. With spooky activity on the rise, it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Luckily, Guidry the Ghost is happy to offer advice for sending these ghastly roommates packing. Perform séances, clean up the lot, and commune with the dead to clear them out. Once the lot is back to serenity, consider a career as a Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims!
Learn more about this Stuff Pack:


  1. Kureijī Satsujinsha
    Kureijī Satsujinsha
    4 часа назад

    Will there be less colourful matches for the furnitures? They look too colourful to be creepy in my opinion.

  2. Bub Henderson
    Bub Henderson
    4 часа назад

    I think you should make a sims 4 pack with legos

  3. trearoos
    4 часа назад

    Normally I don't get stuff packs... BUT I'M ALL UP FOR THIS! I love this theme! I'm so gonna get it when it comes out!

  4. Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht
    6 часов назад

    Can't spell steal without EA. How much for all the expansion packs?

  5. Violet Miyazaki
    Violet Miyazaki
    7 часов назад

    Why are the ghosts cute little blobs ughh

  6. Sub Storm
    Sub Storm
    7 часов назад

    Was kind of excited for tarot and stuff but it just ended up being this that I will probably use once and never again

    1. Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht
      6 часов назад

      I'm very happy that I just made Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack in the Sims... Gonna play Supernatural now xD

  7. Zira
    7 часов назад

    The majority of the comments in every sims video is about how disappointing ts4 is, why not start by making stop buying it and make other do the same? How many expansions, packs, etc. have been out and yet EA doesn't change a thing? clearly, they are getting what they want and we keep giving it to them. I don't think they give a damn about the hate and criticism they receive as long as sales keep flowing.

  8. BlackFirelight
    8 часов назад


  9. Kitsune
    9 часов назад

    pls improve the vampires because its make no sense to make someone a vampire the npc wont try to become stronger or use is points of vampire power/weakness at all. that mean you only make someone as vampire just to kill him in the sun!

  10. UlrikkeL94
    9 часов назад

    I’m just glad the pack doesn’t have anything to do with babies or toddlers.

  11. Bill Goat
    Bill Goat
    10 часов назад

    Excited to see how many of these things have been misrepresented or are missing from the game pack.

  12. Grappy Bandito
    Grappy Bandito
    10 часов назад

    Please, end this game already.

  13. Ron Yoo
    Ron Yoo
    11 часов назад

    Since the star wars pack I don't understand anymore what's going on the developer's brain about this game aside from money.

  14. Sean MacGuire
    Sean MacGuire
    11 часов назад

    Can we have body hair back?

  15. Vinny Olson
    Vinny Olson
    12 часов назад

    Guys! We already have zombies in the game so this is a great addon! Just look at the children!

  16. Manuel Dias
    Manuel Dias
    12 часов назад


  17. PinkJellyGirlGachaピンクジェリーガールガチャ
    12 часов назад

    can the sims get psesed?

  18. ShimonBlunivers
    13 часов назад

    Where's the new WooHoo?

  19. xPhoebex
    13 часов назад

    Okay come through Johnny Depp painting😱😂

  20. Holographic Noodle
    Holographic Noodle
    13 часов назад

    Oh no

  21. Chon Ji
    Chon Ji
    14 часов назад

    Harry Potter session can start

  22. nijuo joing
    nijuo joing
    15 часов назад

    I'm very happy that I just made Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack in the Sims... Gonna play Supernatural now xD

  23. Lizzy Kalacheva
    Lizzy Kalacheva
    15 часов назад

    Lockwood and co.

  24. Rebekah Cyphus
    Rebekah Cyphus
    15 часов назад


    1. nijuo joing
      nijuo joing
      15 часов назад

      Okay but where is farming and where the heck are the werewolves

  25. Hilal Trisan
    Hilal Trisan
    15 часов назад

    Wow that so funny

  26. Sara cool 63
    Sara cool 63
    17 часов назад

    You should make a weekend pack

  27. Thiti MGP
    Thiti MGP
    17 часов назад

    Please make game that has Sims 2 system , Sims 3 open world and Sims 4 graphics.

  28. Бермет Айдиева
    Бермет Айдиева
    17 часов назад

    It is really a shame that EA liking comments about bonehilda when i saw tweets that she won't function like in previous games. She doesn't even have a coffin. I'm disappointed

  29. Renita A
    Renita A
    18 часов назад

    EA: chop the ghost into tiny pieces, add some leftover from Realm of magic, same vibe from the spice market, voila! A fried rice for 9.99. Very innovative.

  30. freerichie25
    18 часов назад

    I'm totally gonna bone.. Bonehilda.

  31. Amber Bowlin
    Amber Bowlin
    19 часов назад

    They really missed an opportunity to have the play with life flicker into play with death... Just sayin

  32. D Angela
    D Angela
    20 часов назад

    Excited for Paralives

  33. Caroline Elizer
    Caroline Elizer
    20 часов назад

    Reduce, reuse recycle. Is there not already ghosts..?

  34. Amandi
    20 часов назад

    Paranormal stuff pack but still no zodiac signs. Ok EA 🙄

  35. Darkening Demise
    Darkening Demise
    22 часа назад

    If it wasn't for Bonehilda this pack would've been Star Wars 2.0. Funny how ONE thing can make everyone lose their minds as if that makes everything great now.

  36. Annabelle Chicoine
    Annabelle Chicoine
    22 часа назад

    Honestly, please make a full pack. Like allowing us to make apartments AND businesses. On the same lot.

  37. Keisya Ayu aulia
    Keisya Ayu aulia
    22 часа назад

    Is it worth it ?

  38. sesshydezzy
    День назад


  39. Bob Tauco
    Bob Tauco
    День назад

    please make it happen, a zombie adventure expansion pack, I Really want it :((

  40. M M
    M M
    День назад

    Okay but where is farming and where the heck are the werewolves

  41. nevaeh Lilith
    nevaeh Lilith
    День назад

    If you have a cat by when you’re giving in labor and you have a baby and then have the sims die from labor from the baby

  42. cqvio doli
    cqvio doli
    День назад

    It’s almost as if they’re trying to make the most expensive game ever!

  43. Panda The Pinata
    Panda The Pinata
    День назад

    Yeah go on and do that and totally ignore the fact that kids and teenagers still can't do homework together with their friends.

  44. DeepFriedBunBun
    День назад

    I mean it's not like my Sims has trouble interacting with ghost, I don't think I need another overpriced expansion pack for it.

    1. cqvio doli
      cqvio doli
      День назад

      Solid pass

  45. Midnight Madness
    Midnight Madness
    День назад

    It would be pretty cool if they came out with a “more pack” basically adding/filling in the parts of other packs that feel like more should have been included with them. For example: better mermaid gameplay in island living. (Anyone have any other features that they want?)

  46. Midnight Madness
    Midnight Madness
    День назад

    Grimreaper career? That’s like the only thing I wanted from this pack, new paranormal species would be cool too but- 👁👄👁 I don’t see either so I’m probs not gonna buy it

  47. WhichIsTheAnyKey PSN
    WhichIsTheAnyKey PSN
    День назад

    I can see me using it. Looks good; although I'm unsure how long the novelty will last. Still, not bad if it's a stuff pack. An October release would have made sense, but I'm looking forward to it arriving much sooner! I'll get more joy from this than Snowy Escapes.

  48. n o t a l k i n _
    n o t a l k i n _
    День назад

    Please no. Just give us Sims in the Hood or Sims 5 with all content. Please.

  49. thiccwalrus
    День назад

    this is so disappointing. i was most excited for this pack out of any of them because of the possibility for a psychic career, tarot cards, and ouija boards. so upset. i won’t be wasting my money on this either.

  50. thiccwalrus
    День назад

    this is so disappointing. i was most excited for this pack out of any of them because of the possibility for a psychic career, tarot cards, and ouija boards. so upset. i won’t be wasting my money on this either.

  51. Sharky4evaGirl
    День назад

    Stop giving us new packs instead of fixes! My game continually crashes, but you don't care because I'm a console player! You need to fix the lack of attention for console players.

  52. Dextinee T
    Dextinee T
    День назад

    This isn’t the paranormal pack I thought it’d be. I’m disappointed 😿

  53. Violet Evergreen
    Violet Evergreen
    День назад

    can we get different types of possesions? As in possesion like a ghodt posses you.

  54. Kovalchuk Khrystyna
    Kovalchuk Khrystyna
    День назад

    Luigi Mansion, but make it ✨EA✨

  55. Nafolchan
    День назад

    I'm so tired of these weird packs that add nothing to the gameplay.....

  56. Little Hayabusa
    Little Hayabusa
    День назад

    Bit late isn’t it? Halloween was a few months ago.

  57. HighfrequencyBeauty
    День назад

    Why am I getting a notification for something posted 4 days ago?! Get it together RUlife!!!

  58. Hi,ImRachel
    День назад

    When does pre order start

  59. María Rodríguez
    María Rodríguez
    День назад

    I just want functional babies for god’s sake

  60. Rell
    День назад

    Solid pass

  61. Berke Ceylan
    Berke Ceylan
    День назад

    Hotel pack please

  62. simfonik
    День назад

    'vampires', 'spooky stuff', 'realm of magic', 'strangerville' and 'paranormal stuff' should have all been combined! adding also 'outdoor retreat' with the addition werewolves and scout boys would have been awesome...

  63. Cosmos
    День назад

    I'm actually excited-

  64. Your Local Stoner
    Your Local Stoner
    День назад


  65. SeriousSim
    День назад

    0:11 Ааааа́ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа!

  66. Yolande Viviers
    Yolande Viviers
    День назад

    EA honestly never cease to amaze me. WHY THE HECK wasn't this just included with realm of magic? Hell why wasn't Ts4 Vampires, Realm of magic and this new one just one big launch? It has been done before with TS3 Supernatural.

    1. Enclave_dude
      День назад

      Answer : Corporate greed by EA

  67. DSic
    День назад


  68. Rosie and Gambler
    Rosie and Gambler
    День назад

    This is the dumbest pack in sims history. We all ready have Ghost in the sims 4. Personally I think it’s a waste of money

  69. Dead_Phoenix
    День назад

    why is anyone supprised or upset that this is seprate from the other supernatual packs. EA, remember?

  70. Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez
    День назад

    Can u put sims 4 on apple bc I have the maximum of sims I wanna make FNaF

  71. Zack Cabral
    Zack Cabral
    День назад

    Cars, werewolves, fairies and such. Guess Mods are the lifeline now. I still wanna ride through out the city but they keep on adding unnecessary stuff it's just sad man.

  72. T Vecchiarino
    T Vecchiarino
    День назад

    very disappointed at how segmented the sims 4 has become with all these piece meals of packs we are getting. Sims 3 gave us the supernatural expansion which had witches, wizards, werewolves, vampires, fairies, ghosts and if I'm not mistaken, Bonehilda. Sadly I don't remember the price tag for it but I can tell you it was cheaper than buying Sims 4 vampires, the Harry potter rip off and now this pack, which still doesn't give you all the sims 3 supernatural had to offer. Thanks but as the same with most of the releases from the sims 4 lately, I'll pass.

  73. marsha okhiria
    marsha okhiria
    День назад

    You guys a seriously trying to make as much money out of us as possible. In the sim3 supernatural we got vampires, werewolves, fairies and anything that would be considered supernatural. In sims4 you split them up so you can make triple the amount you made in sims3. This pack could had literally be a part of supernatural. I wonder if you all planning of making a separate pack for werewolves too.

  74. STOP girl-_-
    STOP girl-_-
    День назад


  75. payton jade
    payton jade
    День назад

    as a builder, i cant wait for this!!!!

  76. Garry David
    Garry David
    День назад

    Bro is that Johnny Depp in the painting

    День назад


  78. Mio Akiyama
    Mio Akiyama
    День назад

    0:12 lovely.

  79. Nicole
    День назад

    I want Fairies! 😣🧚‍♀️

  80. SRT154
    День назад

    Lilsimsie: Ghosts get their own stuff pack in the sims? Deligracy: The sims 4 paranormal stuff pack? Clare: mAkInG a GhOsT hUnTeR fOr ThE sImS 4 PaRaNoRmAl

    День назад

    Plllsss the sims4 mobile

  82. Jessica S
    Jessica S
    День назад

    I was kinda hoping for a "pandemic" pack🤣

  83. Baby Sayang
    Baby Sayang
    День назад

    Stupid hair maxis .. i want mod alpha hair but the sim 4 on ps 4 dont have .. cannot play cc .. bullshit

  84. Zosia Nowak
    Zosia Nowak
    День назад

    It would be nice if you could add horses there like in The sims 3

  85. Jamie W
    Jamie W
    День назад

    Cause you know January is the perfect time for a haunted pack

  86. ItsQuaa
    День назад

    we don’t even need this pack tbh . because for one ? we already have ghosts .. nd don’t we already have something witchy ?

  87. The Sims power Pink 92
    The Sims power Pink 92
    День назад

    😍i love this stuff pack

  88. Sean MacGuire
    Sean MacGuire
    День назад

    I think what upsets me the most is that I genuinely don’t want the sims to fail, i want to love the game I grew up with but it’s just so lacking

  89. Veronica Vidia
    Veronica Vidia
    День назад

    26th is my birthday!!! im so excited

  90. Jade Dunrelli
    Jade Dunrelli
    День назад

    For the love of God search up peoples thoughts on sims 4 and please make the change. We used to spend ours on sims 3 but now can only play 30 minutes of sims 4 cause of how repetative it is and boring it is, expansion packs r not the issue it's everything else. The fact that all anyone around you does is walk there's never actually anything interesting happing or any storylines that happens naturally, irs nice to control your own world but it's boring af when you have to do Literally everything or else nothing happens.

  91. Pointy_ears98
    День назад

    Y’all are gonna pay 10$ for this ? Did you know Bonehilda can only be summoned and cannot move in with you ? She doesn’t event have her coffin. LOL Miss me with that

  92. GalaxWulf
    День назад

    Epic pack :) But would be ever added Werewolfs as species?

  93. Miss_BlondeQueen
    День назад

    Sims. What is this

  94. Morgrador Dread
    Morgrador Dread
    День назад

    This Bonehilda is an imposter, (and no Genie fairies, or werewolves

  95. SleepyFox YT
    SleepyFox YT
    День назад

    I like the cute little ghosts!

  96. Зюка
    День назад

    Я:*скачиваю симс 4* Разрпбы: а почему бы не выпустить новый каталог симс 4?

  97. Nugu Nugu
    Nugu Nugu
    День назад

    This is so cool cant wait omgggggggg!!! And i hope for the next one we have pirates expansion pack!!!

  98. *Intolerant screaming*
    *Intolerant screaming*
    День назад

    *Queen Bonehilda*

  99. May Saif
    May Saif
    День назад

    how I get this game on MacBook?

  100. c00chieman
    День назад

    can we get like a supernatural pack