WOW... HIS VOICE | Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man | Allie Sherlock, Fabio R, Jason M cover

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This is "Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man" with Fabio Rodrigues and Jason McNamara performed on Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland.
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  1. Michael
    50 минут назад

    Holy man 2:38 , she got a voice. Make more with those high notes... You can really nail them.

  2. alexey tugov
    alexey tugov
    2 часа назад

    Жги, Allie, жги!!!

  3. mauricio zuluaga
    mauricio zuluaga
    2 часа назад

    preciosa 👍👏👏👏😘

  4. Олег
    3 часа назад

    Милашка!) Элли Шерлок слушаю уже довольно давно. Она никогда не изменяла мне по качеству контента) МОЛОДЕЦ! ТАК ДЕРЖАТЬ!

  5. kultura99
    12 часов назад

    Allie masz anielski cudowny głos

  6. Cristian Gatica
    Cristian Gatica
    12 часов назад

    Muy bueno!👏

  7. Cef Fino
    Cef Fino
    16 часов назад


  8. Tom Hound
    Tom Hound
    17 часов назад

    she knows

  9. leandro LBL
    leandro LBL
    19 часов назад

    Adoro sua Voz ❣️

  10. leandro LBL
    leandro LBL
    20 часов назад


  11. Ronnie Guitar
    Ronnie Guitar
    20 часов назад

    I saw videos of her singing two years ago and she was a young girl with a great voice and a young girls figure and then in the last two years she has.....blossomed.

  12. John Barry
    John Barry
    23 часа назад

    Such talent and people would rather shop, cloth eared fools!!!

  13. Syahrul Faturohman
    Syahrul Faturohman
    День назад

    Ajg banget ni lagu

  14. daniem nad
    daniem nad
    День назад

    she is getting kinda fatty i like it lol it looks like she got fed to sing for us without np

  15. Robert Patrick Medeiros
    Robert Patrick Medeiros
    День назад

    Que delícia....... de música.

  16. bob the tomato
    bob the tomato
    День назад

    what type of microphone do you use? I always dreamed of street singing, but I don't know how to start :( AAAAAH! THEIR AMAZING!!!

  17. Gary M
    Gary M
    День назад

    So much talent here..Simply wonderful!

  18. Art Pennesi
    Art Pennesi
    День назад

    Vocal treasure.

  19. S Forsythe
    S Forsythe
    День назад

    Omy God, you two 💗

  20. Chris Cars
    Chris Cars
    День назад

    Totally fantastic love it 😊 -

  21. Regina Bastian
    Regina Bastian
    День назад


  22. Роман Т
    Роман Т
    День назад

    Преподаватели вокала,что молчите? В нос весь звук загнал и мурчит. Это круто?

  23. Herve Lefebvre
    Herve Lefebvre
    День назад

    she is great

  24. Emilio ALVAREZ
    Emilio ALVAREZ
    День назад


  25. Mohammad Mosleh
    Mohammad Mosleh
    День назад

    please do me a favor, could you shut up and let him sing? please

  26. Вадим Смолкин
    Вадим Смолкин
    День назад

    Сиськи отрастают! Элли просто бэст!

  27. Airman_72
    День назад


  28. Legit Nexus
    Legit Nexus
    День назад

    lets not forget about the drumber

  29. francisco primo
    francisco primo
    2 дня назад

    Wow! her version is better than the original. The percussion was a good idea too. If I could put 2 likes I would.

  30. Frances McAllister-Gutheil
    Frances McAllister-Gutheil
    2 дня назад

    Girl you have got this!!! Start writing your own music.... You'll go over the moon!!!

  31. Gui D
    Gui D
    2 дня назад

    love this song and love your voice Allie. Some reminds ...

  32. Gilberto Elias
    Gilberto Elias
    2 дня назад

    Tenho uma grande vontade de ir até a Irlanda só pra conhecer pessoalmente essa musa da música mundial por nome de Sherlock !😍

  33. Rocky Enciso
    Rocky Enciso
    2 дня назад

    I honestly think the Drummer was the REAL DEAL!!!

  34. Ali Alawar
    Ali Alawar
    2 дня назад

    Amazing voice, I'm ashamed now that her boobage brought me here initially. sorry, not sorry

    1. AngryMan
      2 часа назад

      @patrick mcglone she's 15.

    2. chicken Adobo1
      chicken Adobo1
      День назад

      Fbi open up

  35. Lobo Estepario
    Lobo Estepario
    2 дня назад

    Simply...Marvelous 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  36. Mark Build
    Mark Build
    2 дня назад

    not at all good!!!!!! they SUCK!!!!!!

  37. gie bass
    gie bass
    2 дня назад

    Luv it!

  38. Dan Neilson
    Dan Neilson
    2 дня назад

    Umm...... Hello....... I'm up here!

  39. kang galon
    kang galon
    2 дня назад

    bigs 😬

  40. czj master
    czj master
    2 дня назад

    Fantastic like always

  41. Jim Borroso Morrissonn Chipocludo
    Jim Borroso Morrissonn Chipocludo
    2 дня назад

    I couldn´t hear the music

  42. Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira
    2 дня назад

    Sensacional!! Forte abraço, que Deus abençoe sempre o trabalho se vocês.

  43. WowKar
    2 дня назад

    From Russia with love! You're great! Your voice is great!

  44. WowKar
    2 дня назад

    You're beautiful!

  45. carl santos youtube channel
    carl santos youtube channel
    3 дня назад


  46. Lucas James
    Lucas James
    3 дня назад

    440 people gave this a thumbs down. People who are partially deaf should not be allowed to leave comments.

  47. Knobov Sossidge
    Knobov Sossidge
    3 дня назад

    Her voice is this beautiful instrument She loves to play it I love to listen

  48. Nilda Gutierrez
    Nilda Gutierrez
    3 дня назад


  49. wonder fuller
    wonder fuller
    3 дня назад


  50. A Sørensen
    A Sørensen
    3 дня назад

    Wow .. Love her voice.

  51. Marco Boer
    Marco Boer
    3 дня назад

    Yeah, I know.. Nice rack. Music?

  52. Test Testing
    Test Testing
    3 дня назад

    I love when they perform together!

  53. Tony Arc
    Tony Arc
    3 дня назад

    I would HATE to be her father when she turns 18. :(

    1. Tony Arc
      Tony Arc
      2 дня назад

      @ShuviTupya Yes.

    2. ShuviTupya
      3 дня назад

      Why? Is something going to happen to her when she is 18 that can't happen now?

  54. Mad Aziop
    Mad Aziop
    3 дня назад

    Well.. not to my taste when they are howling. They might think they sound cool .. but not even one song like that in my play list or anyone I know :)

  55. Tony Arc
    Tony Arc
    3 дня назад

    Jesus! Now THAT is being blessed!

  56. fabio souza
    fabio souza
    3 дня назад

    Crazy, Nice, beautiful, wanderful!!!!!! Pop star absolute!!!!

  57. Nelson Cummings
    Nelson Cummings
    3 дня назад

    Chills Wish I could sing ! You and Bruno are awesome !

  58. Nelson Cummings
    Nelson Cummings
    3 дня назад

    Awesome !

  59. Alvaro Cardozo
    Alvaro Cardozo
    3 дня назад

    O legal que ela usa o celular para repertórios e as letras da música, no meu tempo que eu era baterista, usávamos pastinha. 👏🎤👏🎧

  60. Alvaro Cardozo
    Alvaro Cardozo
    3 дня назад

    Não canso de ver essa dupla, são ótimos. 👏🎤👏🎧

  61. Media Pool
    Media Pool
    3 дня назад

    good work.

  62. arthur wolfburg
    arthur wolfburg
    3 дня назад

    Allie do you have any tapes of your music.? I know I would love to have your CD . I just can't understand how you haven't been picked up by a big music producer? You have a voice like a angel. You are going to make it BIG

  63. Ramiro Gimenez
    Ramiro Gimenez
    3 дня назад

    beautiful your voice, greetings from Argentina

  64. Kirstin Norwood
    Kirstin Norwood
    4 дня назад

    Gives me chills. There awesome. He's unbelievable 😳

  65. Kirstin Norwood
    Kirstin Norwood
    4 дня назад


  66. Helmut Schmacker
    Helmut Schmacker
    4 дня назад

    Cracking norks - Allie's aren't to bad either.

    1. Pete Harry
      Pete Harry
      55 минут назад

      Tee hee

  67. ahmos art benger
    ahmos art benger
    4 дня назад

    I think she is fantastic. Great voice and guitarist. Very comfortable with crowds. Someone should write a song for her.

  68. Benjamin Armenta
    Benjamin Armenta
    4 дня назад

    so thick

  69. Galina Zayceva
    Galina Zayceva
    4 дня назад

    Cuánto cresistes Allies estás re grande Bellísima mujer te convertistes Besos desde Argentina 🇦🇷 geniaaa

  70. Bubu Bubu
    Bubu Bubu
    4 дня назад

    Cool ! But carefull of too much reverb. And woman and man voices aren't according together.

  71. 1688 Sweden AB
    1688 Sweden AB
    4 дня назад

    Devil figure

    1. Tony Arc
      Tony Arc
      3 дня назад


  72. C Cocksmith
    C Cocksmith
    4 дня назад

    If this was in NYC theyd all get mugged for their equipment with the police nearby .

    1. Tony Arc
      Tony Arc
      3 дня назад


  73. Jaims Pedrosa
    Jaims Pedrosa
    4 дня назад

    Love your beautiful voice!

  74. LSMT
    4 дня назад

    i look

  75. Gary Boi
    Gary Boi
    4 дня назад

    Wow errr just wow 👏 😍

  76. ZioM
    4 дня назад

    Big New MOOON

  77. Szilveszter Jenei
    Szilveszter Jenei
    4 дня назад

    Inkább látvány...

  78. Wanderley Do nascimento botelho
    Wanderley Do nascimento botelho
    5 дней назад

    Canta muito

  79. Warlen Carvalho
    Warlen Carvalho
    5 дней назад

    Além de LINDA é uma excelente cantora, tem uma belíssima voz!

  80. Kafi Smokie
    Kafi Smokie
    5 дней назад

    i laaaavuuu allieeee 🙂❤️

  81. Alessandra Vieira
    Alessandra Vieira
    5 дней назад

    Quando se tem talento não precisa de muita produção ... O palco vira a calçada mesmo ! Parabéns a vcs sucesso infinito adoro vcs 💞

  82. Dababy
    5 дней назад

    Wow his is so thick and fit

  83. Marvin Cunanan
    Marvin Cunanan
    5 дней назад


  84. Ingo Neugebauer
    Ingo Neugebauer
    5 дней назад

    i love her voice.. its amasing.

  85. Luis Cerda
    Luis Cerda
    5 дней назад

    Que hermosa que esta por dios , tremenda mujer Dios bendiga tu hermosa voz y tu maravilloso cuerpo . saludos desde Chile Bellas canciones.

  86. Gary Bradski
    Gary Bradski
    5 дней назад

    When the cover is better than the original.

    1. attack fleed
      attack fleed
      4 дня назад

      It is not It's good but not better

  87. Lewis Dennison
    Lewis Dennison
    5 дней назад

    so beautiful

  88. HappyMe
    5 дней назад

    she beat all international singers' concert counts combined

    5 дней назад


  90. Jackie Puckett
    Jackie Puckett
    5 дней назад


  91. Luã Vieira
    Luã Vieira
    5 дней назад


  92. TacticsTechniques&Procedures
    5 дней назад

    I’m in love with this version.

  93. Daniel Lathrop
    Daniel Lathrop
    6 дней назад

    Thank you, was awsome.

  94. Carlos Ribero
    Carlos Ribero
    6 дней назад


  95. Last First
    Last First
    6 дней назад

    i can see the future

  96. gixxerboy555
    6 дней назад

    OMG've grown up so fast.. :)

  97. Lbiggar92
    6 дней назад

    the guy sounded way better